Your AWS app in depth like never before with sls-mentor

Your AWS app in depth like never before with sls-mentor

Your serverless app like you’ve never seen it before with sls-mentor

Ever dreamed of being able to visualize and analyze your entire AWS application at a glance? With the new 3.0 (alpha) of sls-mentor, it is now possible!

sls-mentor is a free and open-source tool that generates an interactive graph of your AWS application. This graph contains all the interactions between components of your app (Lambda functions, DynamoDB tables, S3 buckets…).

sls-mentor also has a brand new feature: Dashboards. With dashboards, you have access to stats about your app such as :

  • Lambda Cold start duration 🏎
  • Lambda Bundle size 📦
  • S3 bucket size 🪣
  • DynamoDB table size 📊
  • And more to come! ✨

Lambda Dashboard

Table Dashboard

How to run sls-mentor?

You only need your CLI to run the new 3.0 of sls-mentor, simply use:

npx sls-mentor@alpha -p <AWS_CLI_PROFILE> -r <AWS_REGION>
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sls-mentor will perform its analysis live, on the AWS Account associated with the CLI profile.

There are also filtering options: -c to specify cloudformation stacks, -t for tags

We need you!

If you enjoyed trying sls-mentor 3.0, your feedback is valuable! Feel free to comment or to contact me on twitter

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We are also open to contributions!

Contribute on Github ⭐️

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