What To Do After Jamb Releases Results For 2024

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What next after Jamb and when will Jamb start giving admission? This is another question asked by two sets of persons; those who failed Jamb And those who passed. I will show you what to do after Jamb releases Results.

For those who failed Jamb, it is very simple. Get a job or learn skills even as you prepare for next year Jamb. Understand that failing Jamb is not the end of life and it doesn’t mean that you’re a failure. Time and chance happen to everything. You can still make Jamb and Gain Admission.

For those who passed Jamb, it is not the end of the journey. You must put structures in place so that you don’t fail to gain admission. After all, passing Jamb is not a guarantee that your admission is sure.


8 Things To Do After Jamb 2024

Back to the question, what next after Jamb? That’s exactly what I am about to teach you. Take a glass of water and let’s begin.

1. Check Your Score And Your Choice Institution

Check your Jamb score and see whether it can take you to your choice of institution or not. If yes, good… But if no, go to number 3 below. Post-UTME is good news to candidates with low Jamb score. You may want to click here for how to blast post utme and gain admission.

2. Check Your Course And Cut Off Mark

After confirming that you’ve crossed your school’s general cut off mark and the requirements for your course of choice, the next step is to see whether you can be admitted with your score.

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For example, UNIBEN Jamb cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery is 200. This doesn’t mean that a score of 200 or even 220 is good for UNIBEN Medicine. Some courses are so competitive that you need both high Jamb and Post UTME Score.

3. Consider Whether To Change School Or Course

If your score is not enough for your first choice school, then consider getting a change of institution form. You may want to click here to go through my article on Jamb score that guarantees your admission. This will help you decide whether to change school or course of study.

4. Be Patient

After Jamb, there usually this zeal to go to school. And you are like, “my school should release admission list na”. Calm down so that your blood pressure doesn’t rise above normal. Restlessness can land you into bad decisions.

5. Enjoy Yourself

I know that so many aspirants will be on fast until their names are in the admission list. This is not necessary.

You are not the one to admit yourself. Therefore, “leave trash for lawma”. If you have done the necessary things, then forget that you wrote Jamb and continue with your life.

6. Learn A Skill

Jamb releases first batch admission status around September. You don’t have to waste time. Develop yourself. Don’t fail to go through Flashlearners video classes. Feel free to check out top skills to learn here.

7. Be Updated About Post UTME

Sign up to my newsletter so that you don’t miss any information concerning your school’s online and physical clearance, plus other admission updates. Ensure you stay updated about released of Post Jamb form, admission process and admission list.

8. Know More About Your School

Learn About Your School’s Calendar, Admission Process And School Fees. You need to know what’s up in your school of choice. Remember, it is what you have in your head that takes you ahead.

Jamb Series Part 48 After Jamb Releases Results, What Next? Drop your comment and don’t fail to share this good news with friends… Best Regards!

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