What Is Java? – Java Programming Language Explained

What Is Java? – Java Programming Language Explained

Java was invented to make it easier to write code, easier than C++.

There is a bunch of things, a bunch of bookkeeping that you have to manage with C++, that you don’t have to manage with Java.

The downside with Java is that it is slow compared to C++. It runs really really slow, but, for many many types of apps, many business apps, Java runs pretty fast and is pretty capable.

A big advantage of Java is that it is easier to write in respect to C++, and it gets the job done faster especially for types of work such as web apps.

You would write a web app in C++ but it would be crazy. It will take you forever to do it. You do it in Java much much quicker.

Java is also used in android development as well, although that might be fading because there is a newer faster language called Kotlin, that Google has endorsed.

It is easier with Kotlin over Java.

Java may fade in terms of being used to create apps for android devices. But today, Java is used hugely for legacy apps that are web based, and server based, again, working for very large corporations.

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