Tweens in Flutter News 2024 #22 ʚїɞ

Tweens in Flutter News 2024 #22 ʚїɞ

Hey Flutter enthusiasts!

Ever worry about missing key Flutter updates? Well, worry no more!
Starting 2024, I’m here to keep you informed with a weekly Monday report. Let’s stay ahead in the world of Flutter!

Table of Contents

  1. Mayor Flutter updates
  2. New Flutter Videos
  3. New Flutter Packages
  4. New Dev Posts
  5. New Medium Posts

Mayor Flutter updates:

There are no mayor flutter updates this week!

-> Currently Flutter Version Google I/O 3.22

New Flutter Videos:

The Flutter YouTube Channel did post new Videos:

#Flutter, #TechniqueOfTheWeek

New Flutter-Packages

langchain_gigachat (Version 0.1.2)

LangChain.dart unofficial integration module for SBER AI (GigaChat, GigaChat Pro)

dartutilities (Version 1.0.3)

A simple library that contains all utilities that you want
#Packages that depend on dartutilities

device_preview_plus (Version 2.0.0)

Approximate how your Flutter app looks and performs on another device
#collection, #device_frame, #flutter, #flutter_localizations, #freezed_annotation, #json_annotation, #provider, #shared_preferences

credit_card_flag_detector (Version 1.0.0+6)

A package that detects credit card types based on the current credit card number patterns

i_toast (Version 0.0.5)

Provides easy-to-use and non-intrusive toast messages with options for customization including duration, position, and appearance.

New Dev-Posts

New Medium-Posts

Implementing Lazy Loading in Flutter The Ultimate Performance Hack by Sabin Poudel

Lazy loading in software development refers to the process of deferring the initialization of an object until it is needed. The condition scrollController.position.maxScrollExtent ==…
\Lazy Loading, Flutter, Android App Development

Flutter Dosya Konumu Hatası by Dilan Ilgın Atılgan


Flutter Align Widget by Jaime Alberto Téllez Bohórquez

En esta ocasión veremos un widget que nos permite como su nombre lo indica alinear un widget hijo dentro de un widget padre. Este widget permite poder ubicar el widget hijo en la posición que se…
\Flutter, Learning, Code, Technology

Flutter considerations for writing an App from the scratch by Bernardo Iribarne

After years writing apps, I’ve been building different app templates, I’ve been using different packages, there have been many changes but the considerations haven’t changed in the same scala and…
\Flutter App Development, Flutter, Flutter Widget, Flutter Ui

Streamline Flutter Development with Clean Architecture by Dhaval Kansara

Learn how Clean Architecture can streamline Flutter development for modular maintainable and testable apps with a practical example of a counter app.
\Flutter, Clean Architecture, Architecture, Clean Code, Dart

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Did I miss any recent updates? Feel free to share any important news I might have overlooked!

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