Top Online Degree Options for Students 2024

Top Online Degree Options for Students 2024

There are online degree options that you can take advantage of and get the knowledge that you desire. There are numerous opportunities out there and you can not afford to not be enlightened. As you read on, we will be guiding you to securing an online degree.

Online Degree Options

Online Degree Options

More and more people yearning to achieve their education goals can now do so online. The stigma is gone with plenty of job opportunities awaiting online graduates.

Pair that with tangible experience and an online grad has no limit to what they can accomplish in the digital age workforce of today.

From nursing to psychology, let’s dive deeper into the top online degree options for socially conscious students.

1. Nursing Online Degree

Nursing is certainly a great profession and career choice for any socially conscious person. It is also a rewarding and fulfilling career that can take you around the world.

According to , nursing job growth is estimated to increase 15 percent by 2026. As a nurse, you’ll get paid pretty well, making a bit over $70,000 per year on average in the US.

Interestingly, most people think that to be a nurse you need to attend a 4-year college and go through nursing school.

But you can also get a nursing degree online with online family nurse degree programs for instance. This is perfect for any high school grad or anyone looking to make a career switch.

Medical technology continues to increase and nurses are at the tip of the technological spear. As a nurse, you handle patients, medical data, admin tasks, and much more. CBS ranked nursing manager as the second to top best job in America in 2023. Not bad.

2. Healthcare Admin Online Degree

The second online degree for socially conscious students is also in the healthcare field. Healthcare administration is quickly growing, mainly because of the tech advances and the regulations that follow those advances in today’s digital age.

This rapid growth leaves the door wide open for socially conscious students to get a healthcare admin online degree and get a job after graduation.

The job growth for healthcare administrators is expected to increase by 20 percent by 2026. This is an unbelievable growth rate for any career in any industry. The median salary is also pretty good, averaged at $99,000 per year.

What do healthcare admins do exactly? This is a good question to ask before pursuing any online degree. Healthcare administrators oversee medical businesses like private doctor offices, hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, and other medical services.

They also manage the finances, do scheduling, coordinate care for patients, etc., like the backbone of any healthcare facility.

3. Psychology Online Degree

If you’re a socially conscious student looking for a rewarding career, psychology is certainly worth looking into. Psychology in general can unlock paths toward a whole bunch of different fields like criminal justice, marketing, business, HR, and more.

There are also several different subset fields within psychology like counseling. An online degree in counseling is also a pretty great way to begin your journey into psychology.

Psychology has a job growth of 14 percent by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And the median yearly salary is a little over $70,000.

Studying psychology is also anything but dull. You will dive into human development, learning, memory, cognition, neuroscience, sensation, perception, abnormal psychology, and the list goes on. For the socially conscious student, psychology could be the right fit.

4. Engineering Online Degree

Engineering may seem like an odd online degree to pursue socially conscious students. However, looking at engineering as a skillset to help others makes it a very important degree to have if you want to make social change happen. Civil engineers for instance can earn around $86,000 per year on average.

The job growth is not as high as the above online degree careers, but it is still a bit higher than other jobs in other industries with a growth rate of 11 percent by 2026. The great news is that a degree in engineering ranks as one of the top returns on your education investment.

If you’re a student who wants a rewarding career, makes change happen, and is socially conscious, the above online degrees may be right for you.

There is a lot of research involved in choosing your profession, so do your due diligence. Have you achieved any of the above online degrees? Share your experience with us.

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