to specialise or not to specialise?

to specialise or not to specialise?

As a self-taught developer currently working in IT with multiple interests in tech such as web- and application-development, machine-learning and IoT, I’ve run in a recent hurdle of whether or not I should specialise.

A little more information: I’ve been in the tech industry for a little over a year which can be considered a junior developer (please correct me if I’m mistaken), and the programming languages that I’m most familiar with include JavaScript and Go. My academic qualifications are unrelated to engineering or computer science although I am in process of getting an AWS foundational certificate. I am also currently based in Singapore if it’s of any relevance.

If you’re a seasoned developer, please give me some advice on whether I should pick a field or niche in tech to specialise in, and if so, which field(s) have a slightly lower than average barrier of entry.

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