Title: My Coding Journey so far:A Dynamic Transformation

Title: My Coding Journey so far:A Dynamic Transformation

Ever spent hours troubleshooting colors on an external CSS styling only to notice that the colors haven’t been rooted ? That was me when I began my coding journey. Let’s explore my transformation from a web dev novice to a confident Frontend developer.

Since a little boy, I have been fascinated with seeing people in movies being dead serious on their computer running set of green codes In act of hacking or bypassing something which really sparked that zeal for this coding field.

My journey began after my Junior WAEC in a web development bootcamp, where I was exposed to other coding careers than hacking , there I weighed the income and stress I will get pursuing any of the coding careers . I won’t say I did not know this decision would lead to immense growth and discovery.

So, I started with the knowledge from the web development boot camp I joined after my junior WAEC , online platforms with vast courses like the W3schools and supplemental resources like Ai, which I use till this day and will continue using .

Despite initial excitement, difficulties emerged when encountering complex concepts like DIV and CSS styling, but now I am confident of handling them and have at least 85% strength to overcome those concepts because of the things I learnt and still learning as I undergo my Industrial training in the White Hat tech firm.

So far during my industrial training,
I have built 3 simple web pages using HTML, CSS, and will be doing more which will require Java, solidifying my front-end development understanding and give me a kick start for java script and React.

Debugging challenges and simple oversights taught me the importance of perseverance and taking breaks to clear my mind at times ,listening to music was a big support for me too.

God willing,
as a soon to be confident Frontend developer and Full-stack developer in couple of months ,I plan to learn new programming languages like React and Dart for flutter, because I am chasing being an App and Software developer with a goal of starting a tech fund or a Multinational Technology ,and helping mentor new coders as I am being mentored today.

In conclusion,
My coding journey has been transformative, filled with trials and triumphs. Embracing challenges, seeking help, and celebrating milestones as I embark on more through my coding journey. Thank You .

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