The HTML tags I use the most in my projects.

The HTML tags I use the most in my projects.

If you are interested in learning about web development, the first topic you will probably come across will be HTML. When it is presented to you in the first place, it might look like a lot to learn and it’s normal, there is always a lot to learn in the tech industry. The hard truth is that you cannot be in tech without growing or learning but, the most important is what you learn and how you learn it.

There is a trinity raining on the Web kingdom, and they are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And, you will almost always learn them in that order. In today’s topic, let’s learn about HTML.

What is HTML?

It stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is the language used to create documents on the Web.

What does it provide?

The reason why we cannot talk about building for the Web without talking about HTML is for the following reasons:

  • Web pages: HTML is the foundation you need in order to create web pages. And if you can create one page then why not a website which is a collection of web pages.

  • Structure: HTML will give a structure to your content by the use of semantic tags such as links, paragraphs, navigation etc.

  • Easy to understand: HTML’s tags are basic English. It’s almost easy to guess the tags and the syntax too is pretty easy to understand.

  • Navigation: with HTML, we can create hyperlinks which will help us navigate amongst our web pages.

The tags I use the most.

There are so many tags available to learn, but as humans, we cannot learn all. Here are the little tags I am using almost on daily basis:

  • Headings: They vary from <h1> to <h6> and they are used as section’s titles and subtitles. <h1> being the biggest, it’s advisable to only use one <h1> per page for the main title.

  • Paragraphs (<p></p>): It’s one of the most used one. I mean, who builds a site or a web app without a text content? Paragraphs

    will hold the text I need to display on the page.

  • Buttons (<button></button>): whether I want to navigate to another section of the page or a new page altogether or even trigger actions (like submitting a form), clicking a button is probably what I will do. They are very important tags.

  • Ul (<ul></ul>) and li(<li></li>): Navigation bars are mostly done with these elements. All I need is to style them to fit my needs in terms of design.

  • Anchor <a></a>: typically used to navigate from one page or resource to another. They are usually designed like buttons but they are not.

  • Division <div></div>: a very popular tag of mine too is the division tag. It is a box that gives so much flexibility in terms of what it can hold. We can group so many other tags in a div and style or manipulate that group the way we need.

  • Image <img/>: this tag holds images in many formats. It is used a lot for logos or pictures.

  • Input <input/>: this tag is used to help users interact with the page. This tag had different types which allow people to enter data such as numbers, texts, emails etc.

  • Form <form></form>: Last but not least on our post is the form tag. This tag is used to collect and submit the data collected to a server. Whether you are building a website or a web app, you will probably need it to collect data.

We are through with this post, but it’s important to understand that there are so many other essential tags to know out there. You can share the tags you use the most in your project in the comment section and I will be happy to learn new things.

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