The Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for International Students

Do you wish to know about the cheapest countries to study abroad? Then you are at the right place. Many have tried and they have gotten it wrong. The problem is not studying abroad but studying at the right place. As you read on, we will be giving you some guidelines.

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

The Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

In today’s globalized world, studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular among young people across .

Living and studying in a foreign country can bring you fantastic experiences like discovering new cultures, learning new languages, meeting lots of new people with different cultural backgrounds, and tasting unusual food.

In this short list made for you by experts of the online educational platform , you will find the most affordable study abroad destinations.

1. Germany

Germany is well-known among international students for its high quality of life and reputable universities. The prospect of studying in this country is extremely appealing to young people and their parents worldwide.

Public universities don’t charge tuition fees at undergraduate and PhD levels. Students only have to pay a small semester fee of about $ 180-300 to cover administrative costs.

There are over 300 universities and other institutions that offer more than 800 courses. The most popular cities for international students are Berlin and Munich.

2. Italy

Being the home to the oldest in the world Bologna University, Italy is a popular study abroad destination among international students who can get there excellent higher education at an affordable rate.

Italy has several highly-ranked universities with affordable tuition fees. Currently, there are about 32,000 foreign students there.

Students can choose among 89 Italian universities that offer programs and courses mostly taught in Italian, although, there is a growing number of English language programs.

3. France

International students can study in France at a low cost regardless of their country of origin. Tuition fees are the same for French citizens and foreigners – about $200 per year for bachelor’s programs. Most programs are taught in French but you can also find an opportunity to study in English.

The country is famous for its great academic traditions in science, literature, and art. It is also well-known for its inspirational culture and lifestyle.

4. Argentina

Argentina hosts more than 90,000 foreign students every year and the most popular cities among university students are Cordoba and Buenos Aires.

Argentina has 47 public and 49 private universities. Most of the state-funded universities admit foreign students and there are no tuition fees for Bachelor’s or Master’s programs.

Being the second largest country in South America, Argentina is famous for its diverse geography and stunning natural beauty. It can make a good choice for young people who enjoy outdoor adventures.

5. Mexico

This country can boast of one of the best educational systems in the region because it has 45 universities with high ranks among top 300 universities in Latin America. Tuition fees vary and private universities charge more.

The country is world-famous for its tasty food and rich culture. Living expenses are low about $500 per month. Most courses are taught in Spanish but there are also English-taught courses that attract international students.

As you see, it’s quite possible to study abroad on a budget. Studying abroad can be a rewarding experience for everyone who wants to step outside their comfort zone, embrace new cultures, and experience a different way of life.

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