Strong Female Names for Your Beautiful Baby Girl

Strong Female Names for Your Beautiful Baby Girl

Strong female names have an unspoken power that resonates beyond letters on a page. These names project energy and excitement, wearing well on any little girl ready to take life by the horns. As you read on, we will be shown 20 different strong female names that you can choose from.

strong female names

Choosing the right name for your child is a complicated business. Family traditions, how you feel about other people with the same name, and how your chosen first name sounds with your last name all come into the mix.

Girl names that mean strong are in demand with many of today’s parents, as nothing is more powerful than incredible meaning.

The meaning of a name tells a story and through picking a fierce one, many parents hope their little one will adopt a fighting spirit.

This may be the case especially if your little one came into this world facing difficulty. Powerful girl names are a badge of honor for these precious wee ones, paying homage to their strength and resilience.

20 Strong Baby Names for Girls and Their Meanings

When you’re thinking of choosing a name because of its meaning, you are following in the footsteps of many ancient and not-so-ancient cultures. These strong girl names may help you narrow down your choices.

1. Adira

This is the feminine version of the name Adir, which is a Hebrew name meaning strong, courageous, and mighty.

In the Disney production Tangled: The Series, Adira is the name of Rapunzel’s guide to the source of the Black Rocks. The character is a fierce warrior and a master of martial arts, so it’s a good fit if you’re looking for female warrior names.

2. Alcmene

An ancient Greek name, Alcmene, is derived from two words meaning strength and wrath.

In Greek mythology, Alcmene was, among other things, the mother of Hercules, whose father was the god Zeus.

It is said, that she was in labor with Hercules for seven days and seven nights, which sounds like a spectacular display of strength.

3. Alessia

The name Alessia evolved from Alexander, which means defender of man.

Alessia Cara was the first Canadian to win the Best New Artist award at the Grammys. She was discovered by a record producer after he was shown a YouTube video of Cara singing by his daughter.

4. Alexia

The female name of the Greek name Alexis, Alexia means defender of man.

In Resident Evil, Alexia Ashford, and her brother Alfred are created by their father Alexander.

After discovering she was the result of her father’s experiment, Alexia injects herself with the T-Veronica virus with the intent of becoming an unstoppable world dictator.

5. Aluma

Aluma is from the medieval Hebrew word אֲלוּמָה or aluma, meaning strong or brave.

In modern Hebrew, this sounds like the word alma, meaning sheaf. Sometimes the name is associated with the word alma, which means a young girl or a damsel.

6. Andricia

The name Andricia has unclear origins and is said to mean strong. Some sources say this name comes from South Africa, while others say it is Greek.

To confuse things further, although it is rarely used, the country in which it is seen most often is Brazil.

7. Audrey

Audrey comes from the Old English Æðelþryð and means noble strength.

In 1957, Hurricane Audrey struck the southwestern Louisiana coast, causing the death of at least 416 people. So destructive was this storm that the name was retired, and there will never again be another hurricane Audrey.

8. Ayesha Farooq

Ayesha is an Arabic name meaning alive.

Flight lieutenant Ayesha Farooq made headlines when she became the first female fighter pilot in the Pakistani Air Force to pass the exams and become combat-ready.

9. Baldey

Baldey is an Icelandic name that means strong, bold, or dangerous.

Family names are not traditionally used in Iceland. Instead, children take a surname indicating they are the son or daughter of their parents.

10. Balsinde

An Old Saxon name, Balsinde means destruction or strong. Found in , Balsinde is pronounced bal-sin-dee.

It was predominately used as a surname but also popped up occasionally as a first or only name.

11. Balwinder

Balwinder is an Indian name that means strength and might, combined with the name of the god Indra.

Indra is an ancient Hindu god of thunderbolts who brings rain and defeats the anti-gods. In Hinduism, Indra is not worshipped but is still the god of rain, ruler of the heavens, and the east’s guardian.

12. Bellatrix

In Latin, Bellatrix means female warrior so it easily earns its spot on any list of powerful girl names.

Bellatrix is the name of a star in the constellation, Orion. It has become more well-known in recent years due to the villain and Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange, in the Harry Potter books.

13. Belisama

Belisama is an Ancient Gaul name that means strong or bright.

A goddess who was worshipped in ancient Gaul and Britain, Belisama was associated with fire, light, lakes, and rivers. She is often compared to the Roman goddess of wisdom and war, Minerva.

14. Bellicent

Bellicent is a name found in Arthurian legend and means proper or decent and strength.

In Of Arthour and Merlin, written in the late 13th century, King Arthur’s half-sister is called Bellisent. Then, when Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote his Arthurian tale, Gareth and Lynette, he used the Bellicent spelling.

15. Berke

The name Berke comes from both the Turkish berk and Mongolianberkh meaning strong or firm.

While solely a masculine name in Mongolia, where it was the name of the Mongol Golden Horde ruler from 1257-1266, in Turkish it is both a masculine and feminine name.

16. Boudicca

Boudicca is derived from the Brythonic boud, which means victory.

Boudicca was an Iceni tribe queen who led her people in an uprising against invading Roman forces in what is now known as England.

17. Bree

Bree is an anglicized form of the Irish name Brígh, meaning power or high. A name in its own right, Bree can also be the shortened version of Brianna, the feminine version of Brian.

If you go for Brianna so you can shorten to Bree, be aware the longer name has a slightly different meaning of high or noble.

18. Brigitta

The Hungarian, German, and Dutch form of Bridget, this name means strength. In Irish mythology, Bridget was the goddess of fire, poetry, and wisdom.

This is an excellent choice if you want to give the nod to your family’s Irish heritage, but do not want to use the more traditional Bridget.

19. Carla

Carla evolved from the German hari, which means warrior.

The name Carla reached its peak of popularity in the U.S. in the mid-1960s. Since then it has seen a slow, but steady decline in use.

20. Carole

Carole is the French feminine form of Carolus, which is the Latin version of Charles, meaning army warrior.

Carole peaked in popularity in in 1942 when it reached No. 35 on the Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names.

Choosing the right name for your little one is never an easy task. There are several factors to take into consideration since this decision you make will last an entire lifetime for the baby.

Parents always want a charming and unique name for their baby. Since every parent would want their little girl to grow up very bold and strong, powerful names are a great option.

Names that mean ‘powerful’ are certainly inspiring!

Did we miss any of your favorite powerful girl names? Tell us in the comment section below and also please do not forget to take out an interesting quiz below!

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