Story Of Coffee Bean, Egg & Carrot (Summary)

Story Of Coffee Bean, Egg & Carrot (Summary)

The story of the coffee bean, egg, and carrot is a parable about how different individuals react to adversity.

In the story, a young woman complains to her mother (or grandmother, depending on the version) about the hardships of life.

The mother places a carrot, an egg, and coffee beans in three separate pots of boiling water. After a while, she removes them and shows her daughter how each item has changed.

  • The carrot, once strong and hard, has become soft and weak.
  • The egg, once fragile with a liquid interior, has become hardened inside.
  • The coffee beans, however, have transformed the water itself, creating a rich and flavorful coffee.

The mother explains that each object faced the same adversity (boiling water) but reacted differently.

The carrot succumbed to the hardship, the egg hardened, but the coffee beans used the adversity to create something new and positive.

The story’s moral is that when facing adversity, we can choose how we respond:

  • We can become weakened like the carrot.
  • We can become hardened like the egg.
  • We can use the adversity to transform ourselves and our surroundings like the coffee beans.

The coffee bean is seen as the ideal response, as it not only survives the hardship but also uses it to create something valuable and enjoyable. The story encourages us to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation.

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