Starting a Game Studio

Starting a Game Studio

Yeah… usually a bad idea, but we’ve got a team of 4 together and the beginnings of development!

Who Are We

STAG (Say That Again Games) is a new Australian game studio.
I am the lead programmer, but we also have a broader range of skills in art, sound, and everything we could need in-between.
Most importantly, we’re willing to learn, and this is why we believe our games will get better and better as times go on.

Our First Game

Well if we’re starting a studio, we need to make games, right?
Luckily we have our first idea which is planned for release on the 18th of May.
The game is called Cheese Clout, a simple game where you (a rat), have to steal cheese without getting caught.
The game is planned to be free!


We realize that STAG isn’t going to get anywhere without a community, which is why we’re also planning to release the level editor for our game. We want to see our games taken to the limits, to the point of absurdity.

Final Thoughts

I’m really excited to start this, and I’ll still be developing CompNerdSim myself just as I already was, but I will be able to create better things with a team.
Make sure to post any questions in the comments, and thank you for supporting a new game studio (:

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