Senator Austin Akobundu Educational Scholarship 2024

Senator Austin Akobundu Educational Scholarship 2024

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The Senator Austin Akobundu Foundation Educational Scholarship presents a golden opportunity for undergraduate students residing in the Abia Central Senatorial District to receive financial support for their studies. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burdens of deserving students and enable them to pursue their academic goals more effectively.


Senator Austin Akobundu Educational Scholarship 2024

Austin Akobundu

📍 Eligibility 2nd Year Undergrads, Abia Central
🏫 Institution Public Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
📚 CGPA Required Minimum 3.5
📝 Essay 1200-word on Gratitude, Regret, Significant Decision
🛂 ID Required Valid Identification
🗂 Required Docs Statement of Results, Community Letter, Direct Entry Results
📅 Deadline 9th June 2024
🚫 Sibling Rule No siblings of current scholars unless completed

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  1. Academic Level: You must be a 2nd year (200-level) student in any public tertiary institution in Nigeria, having gained admission during the 2021/2022 academic session. Note that for institutions like the University of Lagos and the University of Ibadan, where there have been disruptions in the academic calendar, this admission year criterion may be flexible.
  2. Academic Performance: You should have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5 or its equivalent from your first academic year.
  3. Direct Entry Students: If you have entered directly into the 2nd year and will remain at this level as of April 2024, you are eligible.
  4. Sibling Status: If you are the sibling of a current Senator Augustine Akobundu scholar, you must wait until their scholarship is complete before applying. Siblings of graduates of the scholarship are eligible to apply.

Application Process

Interested candidates should:

  • Apply Online: Complete the application form available at Senator Austin Akobundu Foundation.
  • Deadline: Ensure to submit your application by midnight on June 9, 2024. Applications not fully completed by this date will not be processed.

Required Documents

You will need to provide the following documents with your application:

  1. Academic Statement: A statement of your first-year results signed by the Department/Faculty’s Administrative Officer.
  2. Community/Religious Affiliation: A letter from your community/religious leader or a recent electricity bill to verify residency in Abia State.
  3. Essay: A 1200-word essay divided into three parts:
    • Gratitude and the reasons behind it.
    • Reflection on your greatest regret or worst decision and what you would do differently.
    • A discussion on the most significant decision of your life and its justification.
  4. Identification: A valid means of identification.

Important Notes

  • No Application Fee: Remember, there is no charge to apply for this scholarship.
  • Complete Applications: Incomplete applications or those submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Eligibility Verification: All documents and information provided will be verified for authenticity.

Why Apply for This Scholarship?

The Senator Austin Akobundu Foundation Educational Scholarship offers more than just financial aid; it provides a pathway to academic success and personal growth. It supports students who demonstrate strong academic potential and a commitment to contributing positively to their communities.

If you are a diligent student from Abia Central seeking financial assistance for your education, this scholarship could be the stepping stone you need. With the financial support and recognition from the Senator Austin Akobundu Foundation, you can focus more on your studies and less on financial constraints. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower your educational journey. Apply before the June 9, 2024 deadline and take a significant step towards achieving your academic goals.

I hope you find this article helpful.

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