Rails Designer V1 is here!

Rails Designer V1 is here!

This article was originally published on Rails Designer

6 months and many, many early adopters later, and a long one-month holiday from yours truly, V1 is here! 💃

Rails Designer started at v0.5.1. The versions before that were internal that only I used to built my various, successful SaaS products.

Before the release of 0.5.1, multiple dozen people purchased, for a big discount, Rails Designer without getting immediate access! That was enough validation for me to switch gears and make Rails Designer ready for all of you.

Fast-forward a few months and Rails Designer now sees dozens of new customers every week! Possibly making it my most successful side-project to date. 🤯

With the release of V1, I am also removing the early-adopters discount on both “plans”. Solo is now $99 and Team is $299. Yes, probably way too cheap, but as mentioned Rails Designer is a side-project that I really enjoy working on. So the more people and teams can use it, the better. 🤗

See everything that’s new in V1 in the changelog.

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