Providing Tons of Features While Keeping the Design Clean is Really Hard🥵

Providing Tons of Features While Keeping the Design Clean is Really Hard🥵

Designing a dashboard with many features while keeping it simple and easy to use is a tough job. I recently tackled this challenge with the redesigned dashboard for StoryMagicAi.

The Challenge: Balancing Features and Simplicity

Adding many features is essential for meeting user needs, but it often clutters the interface. The goal is to provide functionality without overwhelming the user.

The Redesign

Before the redesign, the StoryMagicAi dashboard had a lot going on. It was functional but felt crowded. I wanted to create a layout that would make it easier to navigate and use, especially as we add more features in the future.

Here’s a snapshot of the dashboard before and after the redesign:


Image description


Image description

Next Steps

With the new layout, I’m excited to add more features. Here’s what’s coming next:

  • AWS S3 + Lambda Integration: This will help in handling file storage and processing efficiently.

  • More Voice Options: We plan to add over 10 new voice options to give users more variety.

  • Stripe Integration: This will simplify payment processing and make it easier for users to subscribe to our services.


If you’ve already checked out StoryMagicAi, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback is crucial in helping me improve.

Thank you for your support!

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