Observability 101: A Beginner’s Journey Free of Print Statements.

Observability 101: A Beginner’s Journey Free of Print Statements.

Abandon your Print statements and embark on a long journey to master Observability.

  • 🚫 No More Print Statements: Avoid using print statements (a poor’s man tool); instead, use structured logs, metrics, and traces.
  • 🔍 Key Tools: Use logs for events, metrics for counts, traces for durations, and debuggers for state inspection.
  • 📜 Short history of Observability: how we moved from print statements to monitoring to the modern approach on observability
  • ☁️ Cloud-Native Focus: what are the causes for the adoption of Observability over monitoring.
  • 📚 Learn More: Links to explore more about Observability.

There are many ways a print statement should be replaced with better Observability options:
• Tracking a specific event (e.g. an error or a warning) => Logs
• Counting the number of times an event occurs (e.g. number of times a web application receives a request) => Metrics
• Timing the duration of a function (e.g. how long does it take to query a database?) => Traces
• Printing error Stacktraces => Error tracking software
• Checking the internal state of variables while developing => Debugger with breakpoints

Read the full article at https://cloudnativeengineer.substack.com/p/observability-101-free-of-print-statements

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