Nigeria Air Force 2017 Screening Date & Questions

Nigeria Air Force 2017 Screening Date & Questions

I want to  first of all, use the medium to congratulate all those who have been shortlisted for the Nigeria Air Force 2017 Screening. It has really not been easy. However, it is worth it.

If you could actually pass the first screening stage, I don’t think anything should stop you. All you need is the right update on the how to go about the screening.

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For those who are yet to receive sms for the 2017 Air Force recruitment, all hope is not lost. I wish you good News.

Now, for the past 24 hours, I have been bombarded with questions as to when the Nigerian Air Force screening will start and the various venues.

Some persons expressly said that they received the SMS but yet to know the value. That has been answered in this article. See the screening date and d venues below.


Nigeria Air force 2017 Update On Screening Date And Venue

This is to inform all applicants that the the Zonal Screening for the Nigerian Air Force 2017 Recruitment Exercise is scheduled to commence on 23 February 2017 at the following centres:

a. Nigerian Air Force Base, Makurdi.

b. 303 MAG Nigerian Air Force, Ilorin.

c. Sam Ethnan Air Force Base, Ikeja ”“ Lagos.

d. 155 Nigerian Air Force Base, Enugu.

e. 115 Special Operations Group, Nigerian Air Force, Port-Harcourt.

f. 107 Air Maritime Group, Nigerian Air Force Benin.

g. Nigerian Air Force Base, Kawo ”“ Kaduna.

h. 403 Flying Training School, Kano.

. 105 Composite Group Nigerian Air Force Base, Maiduguri.

j. 209 Quick Response Group, Ipetu-Ijesha.

k. 119 Forward Operation Base Mabera, Sokoto.

l. 103 Strike Group, Nigerian Air Force, Yola.

m. 451 Nigerian Air Force Station, Jos.

n. 251 Nigerian Air Force Base, Bauchi.

Only candidates who have received SMS are to report with the original of their credentials to the centres for screening.

Questions Asked In Nigeria Air Force Screening

You may also be wondering, what questions do they ask in the Nigeria Air Force screening? I will give you updates on that. All you need is to subscribe to our Job alert newsletter below.

Please don’t forget to go very early. If you are far from your screening venue, you may want to go a day to.

Someone Just Commented This Below:

To every candidates i jst recieved a call from sam ethan aitforce base, they said everyone should report their to check their creditials verification date and exam dates either you’ve seen any text or not .The said the problem of not seeing text message is system error. So oyo state credentials verification at sam ethan air force base lagos is 3rd march and exam is 4th march. I dnt know of any other state yet. I am @eminentprexy

Another person had this to say:

I went to airforce base kano for the exam and screening, although i didnt recieved any sms, but when we get there we where asked if we recieved sms we said yes, but they checked our details on their list, but we where not there, so they have to tell us sorry, that we cant make it since our details was not found in their list. So i have to enter motor and come back to abuja. Is there hope for us who didnt recieved any sms?

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