MinIO Quickstart – Object Management

MinIO Quickstart – Object Management

It is like AWS S3 Object storage

Important note User Management: Create non previleged user and its policies.


  • mc version enable local/sample-bucket
  • each version creates version ID which is UUID
  • when versioning is not enabled or suspended then the version ID is always null
  • On delete the DELETE Marker is created with value 0.


  • Physical: Sync sites (whole setup) sync all the buckets
    • remote must be newly created and empty
    • version is enabled by default on new buckets created
    • to add third+ node check the command is about considering previous all nodes to replicate on new one.
  • Logical: Sync buckets
  • Active-Passive: only one node is pushing/pulling
  • Active-Active: Both nodes are pushing/pulling
  • Synchronous: Tighly coupled. Only available for Logical
  • Asynchronous: Loosely coupled.

Object Locking/Retention

  • Enable Locking at bucket creation mc mb --with-lock local/sample-bucket also enables versioning does nothing else unless modes are set.
  • WORM: Wwrite Once Read Many.
  • Write Once: Can’t update the object at all but can be overwritten or new version can be created.
  • Read Many: Read unless locking modes block/delete it.
  • Locking Modes: DELETE Markers are not locked.
    Modes are effective for future files by default.

    1. Duration Based: Expiry can be 90d or 1y etc. mc retention set governance ... 90d ...
      • Governance Mode: Root user can do anything. Protect from unauthorised users from delete/update/durationChange. mc rm --bypass unprev-user/sample-bucket -vid uuid-of-locked will throw an error as WORM protected unless done by prevlgd-user with --bypass.
        • DELETE Marker can be deleted.
        • Bypass: Can delete Marker is possible it applies on the versions.
      • Compliance Mode: Root user also can’t do anything. Can’t be bypassed.
    2. Legal Holds:
      • Block for everyone from deleting until legal hold is lifted.
      • Need to set for needed object/version not set by default. tip: --recursive tag
    3. Combined Duration Based + Legal Holds
      • Overrides Governance Mode.
      • mc legalhold clear user/bucket can then allow mc rm --bypass --vid

Lifecycle Management

Zero days means immediately

  • Expiration Rules:
    • Deletes permenently, delete marker is not added by this.
    • Rules to set expiration time
    • Rules to set expiration time for non-current versions and to keep how many
    • delete marker doesnt expire use --expire-delete-marker to set it
  • Transition Rules:
    • after a certain time move the objects on other remote minio storage.
    • Stll and only accessible at origin server not at remote
    • can be restored
    • use --noncurrent-transition-days or --noncurrent-transition-tier to move or put older versions
  • Common:
    • Newer flag: to expire or move latest number of versions by default last version only
    • Expiry will override transition and delete remote tier objects too. Use --prefix to avoid/set it.


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