Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 49 — Amazon SNS

Learning AWS Day by Day — Day 49 — Amazon SNS

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Day 49:

Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)

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Provides a message delivery platform from publishers to subscriber (producers to consumers)
Publishers communicate with subscribers asynchronously by sending messages to topics and the clients can subscribe to this SNS topic and receive the messages published, using an endpoint like Amazon SQS, Data Firehose, lambda etc.

Application-to-Application messaging
Application-to-person notifications
Standard and FIFO queues
Message durability
Message archiving, replay and analytics
Message attributes
Message filtering
Message security: end-to-end encryption

You can integrate SNS with below services:

Amazon SQS: secure, durable and available hosted queue, that lets you integrate and decouple software distributed system. SNS provides dead letter queues powered by SQS for undelivered messages, so that they can retry automatically in case any message is not delivered. You can subscribe to FIFO queues, if looking for messages to be delivered in an order.

AWS Lambda: serverless building of an application, you can subscribe lambda function to SNS topics.

AWS IAM: control access to AWS using roles, users and groups. You can use IAM to control access to SNS topics, like who can subscribe, what can be used and how it can be used.

AWS CloudFormation: helps create a template and provisions and manages your topics and subscriptions, all you need is to just add them in your code.

You can use SNS through console, CLI and SDKs.

Pricing: No upfront costs, pay only for messages that you publish and notifications that are delivered.

Use Case Scenarios:

You can use it for application alerts, or let’s say an order is being placed, and you have integrated SQS with SNS to receive the published message, and later EC2 maintains these at data warehouses for order fulfillment. User notifications, such as pushing email or text messages on successful confirmations can be used. Mobile push notifications are one of the best examples where you can send updates for mobile or alerts when discharged.

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