Latitude: The missing analytics layer between your database and your users 🤝🏽

Latitude: The missing analytics layer between your database and your users 🤝🏽

What is Latitude?

Latitude is the open-source framework for embedded analytics.

Create API endpoints on top of your database or warehouse using just SQL, and embed interactive visualizations natively in your favorite frontend framework or through an iframe.

Introducing Latitude Deploy 🚀

Today we’re introducing Latitude Deploy so you can push your embedded analytics to production with a single command. Zero-config infrastructure that’s always performant and scales automatically.

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Support us ⭐

We know that building embedded analytics from scratch can be difficult. That is why we created Latitude. We’re developing it as an open-source project. If you’re keen to give it a try, here’s a quick start guide available on our repository. If you like what you see, consider showing your support by giving us a star ⭐

Latitude it’s fast to get started, easy to maintain, and scales with your data.

Here are our main features:

SQL-to-API automatically

Write SQL queries that automatically get exposed as API endpoints so you can easily integrate them with your frontend applications.

Parameterized SQL

Manage permissions and scope variables in your code through parameters in your queries. Expose these SQL parameters as HTTP query parameters.

Built-in cache layer

Out-of-the-box caching ensures load times stay snappy. Leverage our lightning-fast query engine to deliver an amazing embedded analytics experience.

Modular queries

Compose modular SQL queries for a better analytics organization and to reuse parts of your code. Easy to maintain and scale.

Works on top of your data

Bring data from your database or warehouse through a simple configuration file. Support for all major Databases as well as local CSV files.

Native frontend components

Use our native React hook to query data from your Latitude project to your React app, and display it with our native React components, or do whatever you want with it. Support for Svelte and Vue coming soon!

Layout engine

Build standalone state-of-the-art frontend applications using our layout engine. It’s Svelte-based, supports all npm packages, and can be extended to your needs with Typescript.

Embed safely

Cache encrypted at rest, SSL-ready, encrypted SQL parameters, and parameterized queries to protect against SQL injection attacks.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and are on the lookout for contributors!

If you like it, it’d be great if you could give us a star so we can keep working on this! ⭐

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