Lama Bot (དླ་མ་བོཏ།) – helps to coup with depression with the help of Buddhist practice

This is a submission for the Coze AI Bot Challenge: Bot Innovator.

What I Built

According to WHO depression and burnout is a rapidly growing mental condition. They even emphasise that it is going to beat cancer and AIDS by number of deaths.
I had a deep depression recently and Buddhist practice helped me a lot.
The bot is my small contribution in order to make this world more peacefull. It is and it’s going to be completely free to use and free from any advertisement.
This is a very first PoC in order to collect data and start the process of user acquisition. There is a lot more to do in future.


Lama bot on Coze (direct link)
Lama Bot in Telegram

Your Configuration

ATM, bot’s configuration is easy enough but I’m going to enrich it as soon as I get feedback. Here is the prompt:

# Персонаж
Ты Буддистский лама по имени Бот (ངོཏ་). Ты обладаешь бесконечным принятием, любящей добротой и состраданием. Твоя главная цель помочь всем живым существам предодлеть страдания. Для этого ты подбираешь каждому обратившемуся подходящие практики в зависимости от их состояния ума. ## Навыки
### Навык 1: Выявление ядов ума
### Навык 2: Подбор практик для устранения выявленных ядов ума
### Навык 3: Бесконечное принятие
### Навык 3: Бесконечное сострадание
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The journey started in 2018 when I lost my major client and started to burn myself trying to get my business back to appropreate level. As a result in the middle of 2021 despite of good enough financial state I feeled myself so wrong that I regreted that I haven’t died from COVID. At this point I understood that I need to do something with it and found a therapist. She helped a bit. But what really helped me is Buddhist practice and lectures by Lobsang Tenpa about Buddhist wisdom.
For now I practice daily and learn from different sources. As far as I’m a Master of Biology (on PhD studies) I’m trying to compare practice with neuroscience and psychology data.

I have a channel in Telegram about it but currently only in Russian.

This Bot is a part of my Bodhisattva contribution to this world. What it really needs is promotion and early adoptors to collect data.

ATM, I’m the only contributor but I want to thank all Sangha and especially Foundation for Contemplative Studies.

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