Introducing LaravelCart: A Streamlined Shopping Cart Solution for Laravel Developers

Introducing LaravelCart: A Streamlined Shopping Cart Solution for Laravel Developers

Do you find managing shopping carts in your Laravel applications cumbersome? Look no further than LaravelCart, a lightweight and efficient package designed to simplify the shopping cart experience for both you and your users.

Effortless Cart Management:

Seamless Integration: LaravelCart integrates seamlessly with Laravel 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11, requiring minimal configuration to get started.

Intuitive API: The package offers a straightforward API with methods for adding, updating, removing, and retrieving cart items, making it easy to manage your shopping cart logic.

Multiple Cart Instances: Manage multiple carts simultaneously, allowing you to create separate carts for wishlists, shopping lists, or different user types.

Database Storage (Optional): Persist your carts in the database for a seamless user experience across sessions, allowing users to resume their shopping journey later.

Key Features:

Item Management: Add, update, remove, and retrieve cart items with ease.

Quantity Control: Manage item quantities within the cart.

Cost Calculation: Calculate subtotal, tax, and total costs for your cart.

Model Association: Associate your cart items with Laravel models for easy data retrieval.

Cost Management: Add additional costs like transactions or shipping fees to your cart.

Customizable Formatting: Format cart totals and costs according to your preferences.

Boost Your Development Workflow:

By leveraging LaravelCart, you can significantly reduce the development time and effort associated with building shopping cart functionalities in your Laravel applications. The package’s clean codebase and well-documented API ensure a smooth development experience.

Getting Started:

Install LaravelCart via Composer:

composer require azmolla/laravelcart

For detailed usage instructions and code examples, refer to the comprehensive documentation available on the package’s Packagist page: azmolla/laravelcart – Packagist

Join the Community:

We encourage you to contribute to the LaravelCart project by raising issues, suggesting improvements, or creating pull requests.

Let LaravelCart streamline your Laravel shopping cart development and provide a delightful user experience for your customers!

Note: This package is based on gloudemans/shoppingcart – Packagist

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