How to disable chart interaction

How to disable chart interaction


How to disable chart interaction


How can I disable the interaction events of the chart and just use it as an image when using the chart?


In VChart, you can directly pass in disableTriggerEvent: true to disable interaction.

Code Example

const spec = { type: 'bar', data: [ { id: 'barData', values: [ { month: 'Monday', sales: 22 }, { month: 'Tuesday', sales: 13 }, { month: 'Wednesday', sales: 25 }, { month: 'Thursday', sales: 29 }, { month: 'Friday', sales: 38 } ] } ], xField: 'month', yField: 'sales'
}; const vchart = new VChart(spec, { dom: CONTAINER_ID, disableTriggerEvent: true });
vchart.renderSync(); // Just for the convenience of console debugging, DO NOT COPY!
window['vchart'] = vchart;
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