How to Create a Window Server Virtual Machine and install and IIS Web server role on the VM

How to Create a Window Server Virtual Machine and install and IIS Web server role on the VM

In this article we will be creating a virtual machine and also we wuill install an IIS weber sever role on the virtual machine.

Lets Begin

Search for Virtual Machine and select Virtual machine
Search for Virtual Machine

Click on +create on your extreme left

Select Azure Virtual Machine from the options.
Select Azure Virtual Machine

Under project details for resource group click on Create New and give it a name (make it a special name or name of a project)
Create New

Under the Instance details give your virtual machine a name of your choice.
name of your choice

Select a region of your choice

Select the availability zones (this is dependent on how highly available you want the virtual machine to be you can choose zone1 and zone2 if you want the VM to be highly available and you can choose zone1,zone2 and zone3 if you want your VM to be very highly available its all dependent on your budget, the higher the availability the higher the cost)
availability zones

Because you are creating a Linux VM for image you will select Window Server
select Window Server

Leave every other things at default then go to Administrator Account and Create a User Name and Password of your choice
Create a User Name and Password

Under select inbound port SELECT HTTP this will enable us to view our virtual machine as a web page.

Select Licencing
Select Licencing

Click on the Monitoring tab and disable boot diagnostic

disable boot diagnostic

Then click on tags tab and tag the VM by putting your name or company name.
click on tags

Click on create and Review wait for it to validate or show green.
create and Review

Once Validation is passed Select Create
Validation is passed

Once the deployment is complete, click on Go to Resource
deployment is complete

Click connect to connect to the VM

Click on Select on the Native RDP Local Machine
Select on the Native RDP

It will pop up on the right, wait for it to validate and show configured then download the RDP file

When it has finished downloading then you click on the downloaded file then click connect NB! If you are using a MAC book you need to download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop App
click connectn

Enter the Password we created during Administrator Settings

Click on Yes
Click on Yes

Our Window Server2019 data center edition is ready

Window Server2019

Click on the Start menu.
Type PowerShell and open Windows PowerShell or Windows PowerShell ISE as an administrator (right-click and select Run as administrator).

Install IIS:

Run the following command to install the IIS role and management tools:
Install-WindowsFeature -name Web-Server –IncludeManagementTools (you can copy and paste the command)

This is what you get if the command installs successfully (it shows that something has been installed on the window web server)
command installs successfully

Verify Installation:
You can verify that IIS has been installed by opening a web browser and navigating to http://localhost. You should see the default IIS welcome page.
or Just paste the ip address of the VM in a browser and verifiy that you installed the webserver.

Click on iP address on the Azure page
Click on iP

Paste it to browser to know if you have installed a Web Server or not.


As you can see from the browser that we have successfully installed a web server

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