How to Convert Markdown to Google Docs

How to Convert Markdown to Google Docs

Markdown’s simplicity and readability make it a popular choice for drafting content, but when it comes to sharing or collaborating on documents, Google Docs offers powerful collaboration features and accessibility.

You can convert Markdown into Google Docs using the Docs to Markdown Pro add-on.

In this guide, I’ll show how to convert Markdown files into Google Docs using the Docs to Markdown Pro add on with formatting.

Installing Docs to Markdown Pro

Google Workspace Marketplace badge

You can visit the Docs to Markdown Pro page in Google Workspace Marketplace and click Install.

The add on will be installed in you account.

Converting Markdown to Google Docs using Docs to Markdown Pro

To convert the Markdown into Google Docs, first launch the converter by selecting the Menu Extensions -> Docs to Markdown Pro -> Convert Markdown or HTML to Docs option as shown in the following image:

Launching the converter

The Markdown to Google Docs converter dialog will be displayed as follows.

Markdown to Google Docs Converter

Now to convert the Markdown into Google Docs, follow the below steps:

  1. Paste the Markdown into the input text box
  2. Select the desired target Google Docs – Whether to insert at the end of the current Document or to create a new Google Docs with the Markdown content
  3. Click Convert.

The Markdown will be converted into Google Docs and inserted into the current document or a new document based on the selected input.

All the styles including tables, table borders and the images are supported in the add on.

Google Workspace Marketplace badge

Docs to Markdown Pro – Other Features

Docs to Markdown Pro is a comprehensive add-on that bridges the gap between Google Docs and Markdown.

It has all the features needed for the users who work with both Google Docs for collaborative writing/editing and Markdown for ease of writing.

  1. Converts Google Docs to Markdown
  2. Converts Markdown to Google Docs
  3. Converts Google Docs to Clean HTML
  4. Converts HTML to Google Docs
  5. Publishes the Google Docs as Markdown to GitHub/GitLab

Some Usecases of the Markdown to Google Docs

This addon helps you in the following use case where you need to convert Markdown into Google Docs.

  • Copy a Markdown from ChatGPT to Google Docs
  • Copy a Markdown from Gemini to Google Docs
  • Copy a Markdown from CoPilot to Google Docs

It also helps you paste the ChatGPT Markdown into Google Docs without background.

Can Google Docs open a Markdown file?

Yes, Google Docs can open the Markdown file. But the Markdown file must be available in the Google Drive already to open it in Google Docs. However, the text will still be in the Markdown format. It will NOT be converted into the rich text format.

If you need to open the Markdown file in Google Docs and the text in the rich text format, you need to insert the Markdown into Google Docs using the add-on Docs to Markdown Pro.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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