GitHub Sponsor the Servo Rust project!

GitHub Sponsor the Servo Rust project!

The 3rd Rust-related account on my Explore GitHub Sponsors page is the servo organization:

Servo, the embeddable, independent, memory-safe, modular, parallel web rendering engine – Servo


Servo is the embeddable, independent, memory-safe, modular, parallel web rendering engine.

This is the first time I am looking at the GitHub Sponsors page of an organization and not that of an individual contributor.

The explore page tells me that my projects directly depend on 11 repositories of the servo organization, but I checked and they are not. In reality servo_arc is listed only in the Cargo.lock file so it is not a direct dependency.
That, of course, does not detract from its value, it is just that I thought “direct dependency” would mean things that are listed in the Cargo.toml file.

Tiers and rewards

There are two tiers $5 and $100 and no rewards.

The goal

There is no specific goal, but they want to cover the $1000/year infrastructure cost and if possible even increase the infrastructure.

So as I understand it, the money does not go to the developers, but to the expenses of the project.

Sponsors – Crowdfunding

GitHub Pages lists 23 current sponsors.

Something I did not think about earlier and I don’t think I could check it, is when did the people start using GitHub Sponsors? In this case it seems they discussed wanting to set it up on 2024.02.26 and reported that it was set up a month later on 2024.03.25.
Here is the announcement from 2024.03.12. So it has been live less than 2 months.

They also collect sponsorships on Open Collective.

Servo is a web rendering engine written in Rust, with WebGL and WebGPU support, and adaptable to desktop, mobile, and embedded applications.



In less than 2 months they already have 23 sponsors. They have monthly meeting where they report about the crowdfunding efforts.

Go sponsor Servo

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