FooBar Serverless Technical Videos Playlist!

FooBar Serverless Technical Videos Playlist!

Awesome technical content on AWS managed services, Event-Driven Architecture, and Serverless application development from Marcia on FooBar Serverless. I watched about two videos every day for ten days straight and learned so much. Here’s the order I recommend watching the videos if you were starting today:

MUST HAVE Visual Studio Code Extensions as a SERVERLESS developer!

What’s new in AWS CDK v2?

What are Event-Driven Architectures? Why they are important for distributed applications?

Message Queues – AWS SQS and Lambda Destinations – Event-Driven Patterns

Pub/Sub Architecture and AWS SNS – Exploring Event-Driven Patterns

How to DESIGN EVENT-DRIVEN applications! The best method for production applications!

What is Amazon DynamoDB? What are the most important concepts? What are the indexes?

8 Reasons You Should Choose DynamoDB for Your Next Project and How to Get Started

AWS Step Functions integrates with over 200 AWS SERVICES

Introduction to AWS Step Functions – what is this service for? Use cases? Benefits?

Must know concepts to work with Step Functions | State types, data management, and workflow types

Create your AWS Step Functions workflows with AWS CDK

Test State API for Step Functions

Step Functions Error Handling Mechanisms

Step Functions Intrinsic Functions – Do simple data processing directly from the state machines!

Advanced Step Functions Patterns with Ben Smith

AMAZON EVENTBRIDGE tutorial with AWS CDK – Building an Event-Driven Application

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