Dreams and Nightmares of Coders (Share)

Dreams and Nightmares of Coders (Share)

So then, i’ve been learning to code long enough that it has infiltrated my dreams. Has this happened to you? I woke up this morning questioning my reality. I’ll share my dream and I would love to hear yours! I will update this periodically should I have more interesting dreams!

Worms and Rats

Female looking at computer virus

I had a dream (probably was a nightmare, but it was too interesting to be scary…) about worms and rats. Ok, so i’ve heard about worms. But a rat, what’s that? I looked it up this morning an it turns out it’s an actual thing. (I knew about remote controlling, just not the shorthand term for the malicious version of it.) There must be untapped knowledge in the recesses of my subconscious. This is not the type of thing you just make up. In my dream someone got access to my computer and was messing with me.

The Dream

Repeating dialogue box windows

Suddenly, my screen started doing that thing where the windows keep repeating over and over again. A dialogue box popped up all windows-98 style displaying “install rat?” with a rat made in ASCII at the beginning. The dialogue box disappeared without my intervention.

After a moment of staring at the complete dysfunction and trying to escape it, I found a tiny little portal window on the bottom right of my screen that I could access. I clicked on it, and a text editor filled with nonsensical characters opened up. Looked like I could type something. I was able to communicate with them. I discovered that they had offset all of the keys on my keyboard by 1. Having caught on to it, I was able to have a conversation with them and reason with them, only to discover that it was someone that I had met before!

WHAT in the world…

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