Do you know these 4 API monitoring pillars?

Do you know these 4 API monitoring pillars?

API observability and monitoring go beyond technical details, requiring an understanding of API health and performance for optimal software experiences.

Four pillars underpin API observability

Logs: Detailed records of API interactions, essential for troubleshooting and understanding user behavior.

Metrics: Quantifiable measures of API health, like response times, for gauging performance and identifying bottlenecks.

Tracing: Visualization of request journeys across various services, helping pinpoint performance issues and debug complex problems.

Events: Alerts for significant API moments, like endpoint deprecation or traffic surges, enabling proactive responses.

These pillars, organizations gain a comprehensive view of API health and can ensure robust, efficient APIs. As technology evolves, I expect observability and monitoring practices to evolve as well, but these pillars remain the foundation for API understanding and management.

My final thought: Devs shy away from API management tools because we think we can handle issues ourselves. But if we’re being honest, API issues have cost every senior and mid level dev a lot of money and terrible headaches.

I’d appreciate if you guys could recommend the best API monitoring tools in the comment

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