Day 949 : Flight Confirmation

Day 949 : Flight Confirmation

liner notes:

  • Saturday : Pretty normal day. Did the radio show in the afternoon and some coding in the evening. The recording of this week’s show is at

Radio show episode image of a AI Generated painting of a mansion with money coming out of it with the words Apr 20th 2024 Good Condition

  • Sunday : Another pretty normal day. Did my study sessions and made some progress on my side projects. I kind of like when things are consistent and steady so that I can then do other things because I don’t have to worry about them. Even though a bunch of stuff has broken with my study sessions site, but it’s still running and I can work on those things over time. I’m kind of thinking about redoing the whole site once I finish up some of these current projects.

  • Professional : Today I made some pretty good progress on the project I’ve been working on for work. It’s a pretty challenging task that I’ve never down before. Basically there is a company this is no longer offering a service, so in order to be able to help developers make the move over to our product easier, I’m creating like a bridge library. That way, they can still use our product without having to immediately change their old code. That way it will give them more time to prepare for the refactoring of their application. So I’ve been trying to read through their documentation and sample apps and I don’t know if it’s because I’m not familiar with their product, but it felt like some stuff was missing. I pieced together something that I thought was working only to figure out later that there was another (probably, better) way of doing a thing that I didn’t see anywhere. I kind of had to pull from various resources and come up with a guess on how it would work and it did. haha I’ve been burning a lot of brain power over here. haha

  • Personal : So, it looks like due to some circumstances beyond my control, I may be going to Japan a couple of days earlier than expected. The plane tickets prices vary so wildly from day to day. Even with the extra days in the hotel would be WAY cheaper than the difference in flights. Still waiting on the flight confirmation. My group only gets so much travel budget so I’m always trying to save as much as possible so that other folks can attend conferences as well. I ordered a travel mouse that has a USB-C hub inside it for my laptop, another full sized USB-C hub because I think the one I use for the study sessions is going out, and a pretty large portable battery for my trip.

This is a picture of a dense forest with tall tress. The ground is covered with moss and ferns. The light is coming through the trees in a few places. There is a large tree in the foreground with a large burl on it. The forest is in Weott, CA.

So, I’m thinking while I’m in Japan, that I may want to go to local developer meetups and maybe if possible do some quick lightning talks. I have a side project that I use for full talks and workshops, but they are kind of involved to update for new events. I think I can set up something simpler using the stuff I’ve been working with recently. This way, I can create something pretty quickly and deploy all in the browser. Going to start that up tonight.

Have a great night!

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