Day 13 of my progress as a vue dev

Day 13 of my progress as a vue dev

About today
Today was one of the good day, I learned a few new programming approaches and a lot more things on how I wanna give direction to this journey I’m on. Basically, this journey is all about being disciplined, learning more about things, and polishing my craft, and also to achieve something along the way to showcase the proof of my achievements. So far, it has been fun, bumpy and somewhat satisfying, but not perfect. I have been learning new something each day and apply it to see what sticks and what feels most natural to me, and I think I got it figured up to 80%.

What’s next?
I will keep on doing what I’m doing. Going to dive deep into vue and try take on a more complex project next that will put my learning to test and will upload that on my git for public to help my out in improving that, if they want.

Improvements required
I just got started on this journey and my experience is relatively short, but what I have in my is to keep on going at it continue it for a long time till it becomes effortless and starts to feel natural and I start seeing some results from it.

Wish me luck!

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