Collect Analytics With one Line-Code — Promo (open-beta)

Collect Analytics With one Line-Code — Promo (open-beta)

Hi Everyone, It’s Antonio, CEO at Litlyx.

We created Litlyx to change once and for all analytics collection for next-generation Developers.

Liylyx Dashboard

I love this community & to celebrate surpassing 10K Followers i want to do an ULTRA discount for the folks who want to believe in our project.


  1. Register an account on Litlyx Cloud: Here
  2. Create a project just by naming it!
  3. Copy the project id.

Univeral set-up (under 30 secs, i promise!)

Just paste this line in your index.html file under the


<script defer data-project="project_id_here" src="">
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This line already collect for your website or web app: Page Visits, Most Visited Links, Active online users (real-time), Sessions, Avarage Session Time, Referrers, Countries, Browsers, Devices & OS.

We are Open-Source

Transparency is what is missing the most in the current digital world. We are not afraid to share our source code with you.

Support us leaving a star on Github.

What i want to give to you

If you read until here, Thanks for the bottom of my heart.

For you i’ve created a Promo code that expire 21th of July, 2024, and for the Acceleration plan, so with price setted at €9,99, we will give you a lifetime discount of 50%. At this rate forever to help you track 150K Visits & Events at the lowest price out there!!

The code to insert at check-out is:

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Check out our Docs if you want to use any JS Runtime such as Vue, React, Nuxt, Next and many more.

What’s next

In the future we will upgrade our UI/UX to be Cutting-Edge with the newer technologies.

Our docs will be amazing using `Mintlify’.

We will became the best Agglomeration tool for analytics, in order to be the only place to go for Analytics.

We will not dissapoint you! Please help us achive our goal.


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