Cloudflare Workers – Serverless Hosting

Cloudflare Workers – Serverless Hosting


Set up a Cloudflare account Read more


  1. Install nvm
sudo apt install curl
curl | bash
source ~/.profile
#### ctrl+d o back to ZSH
source ~/.zshrc
nvm --version
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  1. Install node using nvm If node is already installed, you might want to uninstall it first and reinstall it using nvm —> to save yourself from ‘permission denied’
nvm ls-remote # From the list, install the latest stable version of node.
# At the writing this, it is v20.9.0 (Latest LTS: Iron)
nvm install 20.9.0
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npm i @cloudflare/wrangler -g or for latest version npm install wrangler --save-dev

Part 3:
Create a Sample Angular project, and

Part 4:
Integrate Cloudflare Workers with Angular/React application

Create Project
npm create cloudflare@latest my-project -- --framework=angular

Run Locally
npm serve

npm run deploy


  1. If in case the wrangler is not installing then follow the blog [1] of Bijay Shreshta


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