British Academy Global Professorships in UK 2024-25

British Academy Global Professorships in UK 2024-25

The British Academy Global Professorships in the UK is open to all nationals.  These Global Professorships are international awards that attract internationally recognized, established scholars to the United Kingdom for innovative and cutting-edge research projects. It is an excellent research program that will support researchers from all around the world who propose ambitious, groundbreaking studies that push the boundaries of current knowledge. This British Academy Program highlights the UK’s commitment to promoting international research partnerships and collaboration, while also enhancing its research capacity and expertise in the humanities and social sciences. By supporting ambitious and groundbreaking studies, the Global Professorships aim to elevate the UK’s position in the global research community. So, if you want to pursue research in the UK, you must read till the end!

Similarly, the British Academy Global Professorships in the UK allow mid-career to senior scholars to work in any social sciences and humanities area in a UK research institution. Applicants must be from any country outside of the UK to be eligible for this research program. The Global Professorships are for individuals within institutional settings, supporting new, cohesive, and innovative projects. The British Academy fellowship encourages applications from historically or structurally disadvantaged groups and female researchers. In addition, the Global Professorships aims to add significant value to the host institutions in the United Kingdom and vice versa. Therefore, the British Academy Professorship 2024 is a fantastic opportunity to study in the UK.

Moreover, the duration of the British Academy Global Professorships is four years with an earliest start date of 26 March 2025. The Academy will fund each award with up to £900,000. Hence, providing generous financial assistance to researchers. This program is funded by the UK’s Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology. The British Academy is the United Kingdom’s premier institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in the humanities and social sciences. Established in 1902, it serves as a prestigious academy of leading scholars and researchers. With the British Academy Global Professorships program, researchers will have the opportunity to undertake world-class research and gain access to high-quality funding.



23 October 2024

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United Kingdom


The British Academy

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Partial Scholarships


  • The British Academy award will be worth up to £900,000. Easing the financial burden to a great extent.
  • Global Professorships 2024 attract established scholars from around the world to conduct cutting-edge research in the UK.
  • The applicant will be able to substantially influence their research program as a result of this program.
  • In addition, applicants will gain exposure by working in a diverse environment.
  • Scholars will benefit from long-term funding and support to focus on their research vision.
  • Similarly, receiving a Global Professorship from the British Academy enhances the international reputation and visibility of both the scholars and the host institutions involved.


  • Applicants must have a doctoral degree to be considered for the Global Professorship program or have equivalent research experience.
  • The British Academy Program is open to mid-career and senior researchers from outside the UK with an interest in social science and humanities.
  • Applicants must be willing to accept an unpaid leave of absence, secondment, or employment at a UK institution that meets the criteria.
  • There are no co-applicants allowed.
  • No awards will be awarded retrospectively, so the task for which funding is sought must not have begun before the award is announced.
  • PIs cannot hold more than one similar British Academy award simultaneously, nor lead more than one application across different institutions.
  • Moreover, A formal statement of support is needed from a senior member (e.g., Pro-Vice-Chancellor or equivalent) at the proposed UK host institution.
  • Applicants must be based outside the UK during the application process. Those primarily employed by a UK institution are ineligible for the British Academy Global Professorships.
  • Awards are only accessible to individuals and must be held in an institutional environment.
  • The British Academy encourages applications from historically or structurally disadvantaged groups as well as female researchers.

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