Breaking Free from Tutorial Hell: My Journey to Becoming a Web Developer

Breaking Free from Tutorial Hell: My Journey to Becoming a Web Developer

Hello World! I’ve been coding, or I should say trying to code, for the past two years. Despite my efforts, I still don’t know how to make fully functional websites (though I can create simple ones). I’ve been stuck in what many call “tutorial hell” for a long time. This means I’ve spent countless hours watching tutorial videos and copying code, only to find myself unable to write the code independently. It has been a frustrating experience, and I’ve often wondered why I can’t seem to progress.

Recently, I’ve had a realization: the key to learning how to code effectively is to build projects and learn through hands-on experience, rather than just passively watching videos. So, I’ve decided to restart my coding journey. This time, I’m not starting from scratch because I already have a grasp of the basics. However, my approach will be different. I will primarily rely on documentation to guide me, and I’ll turn to YouTube only when absolutely necessary. I won’t waste hours watching videos that don’t contribute to my understanding.

My goal is to secure a job or internship within the next 4-6 months by creating projects that teach me how to develop scalable products. Through these projects, I hope to gain practical experience and deepen my knowledge. Who knows, I might even end up creating my own SaaS product while working on these projects 😎. Along the way, I will make an effort to share my learnings with the community as much as I can, hoping that my journey can inspire and help others who are in a similar situation.

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