Bot Innovator: Converting images with Image Wizard AI Assistant

This is a submission for the Coze AI Bot Challenge: Bot Innovator.

What I Built

Sometimes, we need to convert an image from one format (X) to another (Y). Perhaps you require an optimized image format, such as JPEG, or the website where you intend to upload doesn’t accept your current format.

To address this issue, the Image Wizard AI Assistant helps by converting images from both common and uncommon formats to another desired format. It also assists in selecting the best format for a specific case. There’s no need to search online; simply upload the image and specify the desired format. The bot will handle the conversion and provide a URL for the new image.


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Your Configuration

Initially, I chose to concentrate this bot solely on image processing contexts, defining specific roles and behaviors.

Image description

On Skills, I exclusively utilize the Image Wizard plugin to convert images into various images formats. Making possible accepts gif and converting to JPG, for example.

Image description

To improve the user experience, I used the Dialog to display helpful options for starting a chat. Additionally, I utilized Auto-Suggestions to generate some useful questions related to the context.

Image description


As described in my Coze Trailblazer submission, developing this bot helped me learn and experiment with many things to make it possible.

Working with the Coze ecosystem was a gratifying experience because everything worked well and helped me improve further in AI-based Assistant development.

In the future, my expectation is to develop more tools for image processing and provide them to users through this bot.

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