Beginner 101: How to contribute to open source projects ? (Javascript)

Beginner 101: How to contribute to open source projects ? (Javascript)

Here is an open source project which is beginner friendly.


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How to get started ?

  • Head over to Github > Go through Readme.MD and files
  • Then, Github > Issues section
  • Filter issues by “Good first issue” label
  • Pick something that is easy initially, request for assignment by commenting your approach on how you intend to solve it.
  • Fork the repo, create a feature branch, raise a pull request.
  • Once your PR is merged, you’re officially a contributor to the project. You can check your name in the contributors list here :

Tech stack:
ReactJS + Typescript + TailwindCSS in the frontend
HonoJS + Prisma + Postgres DB in the backend

You can also add it to your portfolio as proof of work, if needed.

PS: I’m the maintainer of and the intention of building this project was so that developers can get a chance to work on real world projects to gain solid experience.

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