A Techy’s Journey with Postman

A Techy’s Journey with Postman

As a tech aficionado, delving into the intricate world of APIs has always been a fascination. So, when SoarX announced the session “API 101 using Postman” led by Krishanu Bujarbaruah, a Postman Student Expert, via the SoarX WhatsApp group, I was intrigued.

Introduction to APIs
Krishanu’s analogical approach, provided an illuminating perspective on the fundamental role APIs play in app-to-app communication. This analogy instantly clarified the abstract concept and set the stage for a deeper exploration.

Hands-on Practice with Postman
The practical segment with Postman was a game-changer. We navigated through basic API requests, dissecting response data, and common request methods like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. Postman’s user-friendly interface and robust features for API development, testing, and documentation made the things easier. Getting the joke was really funny 🙂

Live **API 101 using Postman** session

Community Engagement
Beyond the technical insights, the collaborative atmosphere created by fellow tech enthusiasts added an extra layer of enjoyment to the session. Exchanging jokes, sharing insights, and collectively learning made the learning journey all the more enriching.

The API 101 session using Postman, organized by SoarX and guided by Krishanu Bujarbaruah, was an great experience. It not only explained APIs but also ignited a newfound passion for exploring their vast potential. Armed with Postman’s tools and newfound knowledge, I’m eager to embark on further explorations in the dynamic realm of software development.

Watch the recorded session here

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