6 Open-Source Projects That Will Blow Your Mind | Level Up Coding

6 Open-Source Projects That Will Blow Your Mind | Level Up Coding

There are millions of open source projects on github, but some of them are so amazing that they will blow your mind.

The best thing is that their code will be freely available which means you can easily access and modify them based on your preferences, whether you have to make a new side project or a new startup this list will help you find the best projects.

Let’s start our list:

1. AI Emoji

Have you ever wondered if you can find any emoji that you’ve thought of? Well, now there’s a tool that actually exists where you can generate any emoji you can think of, whether it’s Elon Musk, a Ferrari, the Burj Khalifa, or anything else.

You can now literally generate emojis in seconds. Quickly create your favorite Slack emojis with just one click.

GitHub Link: emoji.sh

2. Equinox

Ever wanted to give your macOS desktop a fresh, dynamic look? Equinox is here to help! With this free and open-source app, you can effortlessly create stunning dynamic wallpapers using simple drag-and-drop and advanced solar calculations.

Whether you prefer Solar, Time, or Appearance modes, Equinox makes it a breeze to express your style. Dive in and start transforming your wallpaper game today!

GitHub Link: Equinox

3. Headshot AI

Have you also thought of making a cool AI app using a bunch of APIs and a perfect frontend like Nextjs? This GitHub repo will solve every problem because this Headshot AI tool is completely built with Nextjs and Some cool AI APIs & tools.

And you can also learn and build something cool from this project.

GitHub Link: Headshot AI

4. Turbo Seek

TurboSeek is an alternative to perplexity AI, it provides sources, step-by-step results, and similar topics.

The UI is more clean and bright, and as it’s open source you can also modify it based on your preferences as you want.

GitHub Link: TurboSeek

5. Paint by Text

This project is a personal photo editor. You can add any image and instruct it to change, modify, or remove elements. It will complete your request in seconds.

You can edit your photos by chatting with an AI model called InstructPix2Pix, which is powered by Replicate.

GitHub Link: Paint by text

6. Chatbot UI

If you’re struggling to use different chatbots like Chatgpt, Claude, Gemini, and others. This tool integrates all the different chatbots in one place, which makes it a perfect chatbot.

See their code and learn how they integrated all the different chatbots and allowed them to chat in one place.

GitHub Link: Chatbot-UI

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