🍎 Summary WWDC24 – What’s New for Apple Developers

🍎 Summary WWDC24 – What’s New for Apple Developers

Exciting updates from Apple for developers! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

Apple Intelligence:

  • Generative models integrated into iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.
  • New Writing Tools, Image Playground API, and Genmoji.
  • Enhanced Siri capabilities with App Intents and contextual understanding.


  • Predictive code completion and faster previews in Xcode 16.
  • Improved diagnostics and localization tools.
  • New explicit modules to optimize builds.


  • Swift 6 introduces a new concurrency mode for safer concurrent coding.
  • Enhancements to generics and Language Server Protocol support.


  • Expanded customization options and better UIKit/AppKit interoperability.
  • New text animations, plotting functions, and visionOS volume controls.


  • Lightweight API for data modeling and persistence.
  • Support for custom data stores, transaction history, and complex constraints.

Swift Testing:

  • New Swift-native testing framework with expressive APIs and macro support.
  • Features like parameterization, tagging, and detailed failure outputs in Xcode 16.

App Intents:

  • Advanced orchestration capabilities and API enhancements for Siri and Spotlight integration.
  • New APIs for error handling, deferred properties, and enums.


  • Automatic enhancements for Siri with better request handling and conversational context.

Machine Learning:

  • Core ML updates for better performance and efficiency on Apple silicon.
  • Create ML improvements for object tracking and custom model training.
  • New Translation and Vision framework features.


  • Rich features for spatial app development on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.
  • New tools and APIs for advanced 3D rendering and animation.

Widgets and Live Activities:

  • Enhanced interactivity and animations in widgets across iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS.
  • Real-time updates and app launch capabilities on Apple Watch.


  • New broadcast push notifications for easier Live Activities updates.

Game Porting Toolkit 2:

  • Simplified process for porting advanced games to Apple platforms.


  • Enhanced support for graphics, ray tracing, and resource management.


  • Secure, phish-proof replacement for passwords with automatic passkey upgrades.

visionOS Enhancements:

  • Volumetric APIs for richer spatial experiences.
  • TabletopKit for collaborative app development.
  • Enterprise APIs for advanced sensor access and control.

iPadOS Enhancements:

  • Redesigned tab bar, refined animations, and customizable document launch views.

watchOS Enhancements:

  • Double Tap API for primary actions and smarter Smart Stack suggestions.

tvOS Enhancements:

  • SwiftUI support for creating consistent layouts and controls.

App Store and StoreKit:

  • New promotion features, enhanced StoreKit views, and testing improvements.
  • Launch of the App Store for Apple Vision Pro in new markets.

Wallet and Apple Pay:

  • Enhanced pass designs, third-party browser support, and expanded API integration.


  • Framework for displaying sequenced, reusable tips in apps with CloudKit syncing.


  • New APIs for Place Cards, Place ID, and improved search capabilities.

SF Symbols:

  • Over 800 new symbols and enhanced configurable animations.


  • Available on Apple Vision Pro with new mental health and wellbeing APIs.


  • New features like Eye Tracking, Hover Typing, and Music Haptics for inclusivity.

Enterprise and Education:

  • Enhanced device management and deployment tools.
  • New APIs for visionOS and improved management features.


  • Next-generation integration for cohesive experiences between vehicles and iPhone.

Documentation & Sample Code:

  • Access to detailed documentation, sample code, and release notes for new APIs and tools.

Stay ahead of the curve with these innovative tools and technologies! 🚀 #AppleDevelopers #iOS #macOS #Swift #Xcode #AppDevelopment

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