🌐 Speed Up Your React Apps With Code Splitting

🌐 Speed Up Your React Apps With Code Splitting

Today, we’re going to explore how to speed up your React apps with code splitting. This will help improve your app’s performance.

Code splitting is crucial. It reduces the initial load time of your application.

Many developers fail because they complicate the setup. In this article, we will explore a simple approach.


What is Code Splitting in Routing?

Code splitting in routing is a powerful technique to optimize your React applications.

It’s breaking down your app’s routes into smaller chunks and loading them only when required.

Your initial bundle size is smaller. You improve the performance of your application.

Using lazy, Suspense, and react-router-dom

You can handle dynamic imports with lazy and Suspense. Using react-router-dom, you manage routing in your React application.

lazy and Suspense

lazy lets you dynamically import a component.

Suspense allows you to show a fallback UI while the component is being loaded.


react-router-dom is a library for routing in React. It enables navigation between different components in a React application.


Step-by-Step Example

Install React Router DOM (if you haven’t already):

Image description

Create Route Components:

Create files for your route or page components, e.g., home.js and about.js:

Image description

Image description
You have to import by default the components. Code splitting will work properly that way.

Update the App Component:

Modify app.js to use lazy, Suspense, and react-router-dom:

Image description
When you access the Home page, you only load the code of the Home page. The same way, when you access the About page.

If you have big pages, you will speed up the initial load of your app. You will only be loading the JavaScript of the initial page. You will only load the JavaScript of the other pages when you access them.



Code splitting is an efficient way to optimize your application’s performance.

By dynamically loading route components, you can ensure faster initial load times.

By mastering code splitting in React, you provide a better user experience.

If you are building a big React app with multiple routes, implement this technique now! Your app will level up to the next level.

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