Building My First Static Website

Building My First Static Website


I first became aware of a company website as important strategic tool when I took a marketing course, for big corporations like construction firms. One of the ideas that struck me with inspiration was over-comming my fear to build a static website, an actual one this time – for Toucsan:-). The initially very scary prospect of really turned into something where I learned so much in the months following doing it, that after all is said and done my taste for web development was greatly heightened.

The Process:

The process started with ideation – researching everything about Toucsan, their industry and customer base. Afterwards, I began exploring the technical and necessary technologies in order to make my vision reality. The mockup design was an essential step during which I could layout the structure and visual styles before being on the coding phase.

The real test of its capabilities came with the actual build. Inspired by the “step-by-step tutorials” that make VLC app-making seem like a piece of cake, I still decided to give it another shot. I losttrack of how many times I got frustrated styling, structuring and integrating features. But as I cleared each hurdle, my confidence and ablilities expanded.

One of the biggest challenges was ensuring the website was mobile-friendly. Implementing responsive design using media queries was a whole new skill set I had to develop. But seeing the site adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes was incredibly rewarding.

While the final product may not have been perfect, I’m proud of what I accomplished. This first static website build was an invaluable learning experience. I now have a deeper understanding of web development fundamentals, from front-end architecture to user experience design.

Most importantly, this project has inspired me to keep building. The sense of accomplishment I felt upon completing Toucsan’s website has fueled my passion for coding. I’m excited to take on more projects and continue honing my skills as a web developer.
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Building my first static website for Toucsan Construction was a formative experience that has left a lasting impact. What began as an ambitious goal became an empowering journey of learning, problem-solving, and personal growth. I’m grateful for the lessons learned and the motivation to keep evolving as a web developer.

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